glasspartners_histoire_1955.png 1955

Mr René NICOLAS has started the transport activites in 1955 in Franière (B).

glasspartners_histoire_1960.png  1960 The glass factories of Franière contributed to the development of the company. They were the main customer, either for the transport of diverse materials or from 1960, of the glass produced by the factory. The glass conditioned in the form of boxes, weighing approximately 800 kilos, were unloaded by means of cranes
glasspartners_histoire_1962.png  1962 The development of the company was also accelerated by an important contract with "Ronquière", a momentary association of several stock companies asked to build the famous The Sloping Lock of Ronquières which the company transported not less than 480 000 tons of crushed limestones
 glasspartners_histoire_1973.png 1973

Over the years, the activity of the transport and the fleet expanded and the limited company " Etablissement René Nicolas-Jacquet " was created in 1969.

The glass transport pursued its evolution, in 1973 the first lowered trailer made its appearance in the fleet of the company

glasspartners_histoire_1985.png  1985

Twelve years later, having demonstrated its numerous advantages in the transport of glass, the first "inloader" was introduced in the fleet


From 1988, the company specialized exclusively in the transport of glass
 glasspartners_histoire_2000.png 2000 Creation of Glass Partners Transports ltd (B)
 glasspartners_histoire_2005_1.png 2004

Creation of Glass Partners Transports Slovakia sro (SK)

glasspartners_histoire_2005_0.png  2005  

Transfer of Offices and Logistic Center in the Industrial Zone of Jemeppe sur Sambre (B).

 glasspartners_histoire_2007.png 2007 Creation of Glass Partners Transports Luxembourg sa (L)